Space Engineers Affiliate Program

Do you enjoy playing our games? Are you an Influencer, YouTuber, or Twitch streamer? How would you like to play your favorite Keen Software House games and make money at the same time?

Earn 15% from each purchase made by customers who purchased the game through our Affiliate Program run by Xsolla.

How It Works
  1. Sign up at the Xsolla dedicated environment page for the Space Engineer Affiliate program at
  2. Choose one of the Space Engineers Affiliate Programs, the ability to join particular program vary based on your profile.
  3. Read through program description to learn more about the game it features.
  4. Click ‘Join’ button.
  5. Encourage your audience to buy from you and be involved in your stream by sharing their messages.
  6. Xsolla Partner Network makes it easy for your audience to get the game or make in-game purchases! You will receive purchase alerts while streaming, if those purchases are made via promocodes or tracking links. For more information, please visit
  7. All marketing materials can be found in the program details, however if you need any specific materials, please contact us at
  • Make money advertising Space Engineers
  • Commission rate: 15% on all valid sales
  • Cost to join affiliate program: FREE – no cost to join the program
  • Easy end to end administration provided by Xsolla: from the registration to the payments.

By participating at Keen Software House affiliate program, you agree to Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions. Make sure you read the terms carefully to avoid any future misunderstandings.


If you have any questions, please contact us at

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